Interview with Giorgio Moretti, owner of the company.

Interview with Giorgio Moretti, owner of the company.

Competence, flexibility, qualified personnel. All this is Moretti Autotrasporti, for over fifty years among the sector leaders in the Varese area. A winning reality, which under the leadership of Giorgio Moretti, son of the founder Egidio, has been able to expand its business internationally, coming to touch several European capitals.

Mister Moretti, your company’s successful history shows that Italian entrepreneurship is synonymous with quality and safety. What are your strengths?

We have always focused on the quality of our services, guaranteeing our customers absolutely above-average standards: we try to satisfy the most diverse needs using a very large vehicle fleet, ranging from the van to the road train, and highly qualified personnel. Furthermore, our flexibility allows us to range from generic transport to the distribution of marching motorcycles to ADR and HACCP transports.

Our flagship, the express service and the management of customized dedicated transports such as trade fair events.

Recently you were at EICMA, the international cycle and motorcycle show, as official partners of Ducati and MV Agusta. How important is collaboration with the motorcycle industry for you?

I would say fundamental for our company. Since the 1990s, the core-business of the company has been the transport of motorcycles. We deal with/take care about the distribution of unpacked vehicles both in Italy and Switzerland, for the most prestigious Italian motorcycle manufacturers. In this way, the customer has the advantage of saving the cost of packaging and the recipient of not having to dispose of it.

We are entrusted with the transports for the most important presentation events, such as the most prestigious trade fairs and European circuits.

These are not easy years for Italian companies. What are your strategies for facing the economic crisis and remaining competitive on the market?

Aiming more and more to give a different service, above average, that best satisfies our customer without neglecting, however, the optimizations that can be obtained from a rationalization of costs and processes.

Let’s talk about the future: how will your business evolve?

We hope to grow a lot over the next ten years and to diversify our business more and more, so as not to miss any sector. To date, we are increasing the area of ​​in-house logistics management, combining it with transport control, so as to relieve the customer of that part of the work that is outside his interest.

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