From Moretti Autotrasporti you will find solutions customizedquicklyon timecutting-edge

We are a dynamic and constantly growing reality: we aim to provide you the best service for your need.

We can offer:

  • General services all over Italy and full load transport throughout Europe;
  • Transport management dedicated to trade fair events and circuits;
  • Transportation compliant with the ADR regime / HACCP regime;
  • Express services;
  • Logistics.

For these types of transport, we have a fleet of vehicles with specific fittings:

  • Vehicles equipped with hydraulic tailgate;
  • Double deck vehicles;
  • Vehicles with specific equipment for transporting bulky goods;
  • Vehicles with specific equipment for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) and under HACCP (drinks, liquors, wines and dry food products).


We offer an extremely convenient, precise and punctual groupage collection service.


We organize full load transports throughout Europe customized according to the needs of each customer.


For 25 years we have been working with the most important Italian motorcycle manufacturers, distributing widespread distribution to dealers throughout Italy and Switzerland.

In this field we have been authentic pioneers, having developed a loading system with double-deck vehicles, which allows us to transport unpacked motorcycles.

This enable the customer to save the cost of packaging and the final recipient the cost of its disposal.


We are able to offer dedicated and personalized express services reaching all European locations.
We are specialists in managing services related to exhibition fairs throughout Europe.
We offer great flexibility by putting our customers’ needs first.


We are part of the Italian distribution network Pallex, the largest international logistics and express network on pallets throughout Italy and Europe.


We take care of transport in ADR / dangerous goods using an internal consultant and specially equipped vehicles.
We pay particular attention to this type of transport entrusting it exclusively to highly qualified professionals in possession of an ADR license.
We are very sensitive to issues related to safety and the environment, even if the environmental impact is not significant compared to the activity carried out.


We deal with food transport services according to HACCP.


We deal with distribution logistics on behalf of leading companies in our headquarters in Solbiate Arno which covers 11,000 square meters. For some years we have also developed the activity of in-house logistics.

The logistics activities are carried out by our staff directly at the customers’ sites, thus freeing up precious resources that the customer can dedicate to his core-business.

Making use of the advantages of an on-site logistics solution means taking advantage of the expertise of a logistics service partner able to monitor and improve supply chain management. Fixed costs become variable and certain by making the most of owned areas. Improve quality and service levels; increase productivity, flexibility, reliability. Transfer costs to third-party warehouses are also canceled.

Not to mention that our start-up times are extremely short: in a couple of months we are up to speed and the results can be checked, KPIs on KPIs.

We take care of our customers’ goods as if they were our own through the various phases of:

  • Collection
  • Storage
  • Billing
  • Shipment preparation
  • Reading bar codes
  • Repackaging
  • Return shipment